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Seeking Public Comments:

Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan

Jersey County is seeking comments on a draft Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Developed with input from an Elsah representative (Police Chief Larry Mead), the plan describes the potential for various natural hazards (floods, tornados, earthquakes, etc.) and how the County and its communities will prepare and respond.  Please click here to review the draft plan, and send any comments to Village of Elsah Trustee Duncan Martin by June 28, 2020 at Elsah.PublicSafety@gmail.com.

AED Device Now Available at Green Tree Inn

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) has been installed on the back deck of the Green Tree Inn.  Thanks to a recommendation from Susan Young, the Village Board purchased this important first aid device to allow for a rapid response while a cardiac arrest victim is waiting for an ambulance.


Safe, simple to use, and commonly available in public areas, AEDs are used to shock people who are in sudden cardiac arrest to restore heart function.  The device evaluates the victim’s heart rhythm and then talks the rescuer through the steps needed to either administer a shock and/or perform CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).  The AED is portable and light enough to be taken directly to the victim.


Several Village Board members and other Elsah residents were recently trained and certified in CPR and use of the AED, although anyone can start the process by following the verbal directions issued by the AED when it is activated. Appreciation goes to the Davis’ for allowing us to use the Green Tree Inn as a central location for this lifesaving addition to the Village.

Take a Book - Leave a Book

Take a book - Leave a book 

Stop by 12 LaSalle Street

to visit the book exchange!

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The Elsah Garden Club

With the encouragement of the Elsah Village Board, a group of residents have set out to make Elsah even more beautiful than it already is today.  Please support our beautification efforts by making a small donation to the Elsah Garden Club.  See introductory letter for more information.

Important Information about

Flood Insurance


Elsah resident Jeff Luken spoke with the Village Board at their January 2018 meeting about the potential for property owners to avoid certain increases in flood insurance premiums by obtaining a Flood Elevation Certificate.  Jeff received the attached letter from the FEMA National Flood Insurance program and he investigated pricing for obtaining a Flood Elevation Certificate.  He learned about a discount if enough residents obtain their survey for a certificate as a group.  Jeff asked the Board to spread the word about this opportunity, as described in the attached “Dear Neighbors” letter.  Please call or email Jeff if you are interested. Thank you, Jeff.

Strategic Plan Approved by Elsah Board of Trustees


At their December 2017 meeting, the Village Board approved an updated strategic plan aimed at economic vitality for the Village.  The plan was developed by a special task force, the Board, and other interested residents that attended a series of strategic planning sessions.  Input for the plan included a 2016 community-wide survey, interviews with stakeholders, and other data.  See the Government (Gov.) tab for the four strategic goals underlying the plan.



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